Syntalkers on ‘The Act of Madness’, July 04 2015, Mumbai

About SynTalk: SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk)​ is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective. SynTalk facilitators are very curious people, openminded and brave to ask any and all questions, small and big, relating to human life on planet earth. They occupy a much needed Socratic space in  the buzz of Mumbai city, with a seemingly invisible communication satellite circling miles above Mumbai, watching for those rare species of ‘thinking beings’ to fly by. No topic is too less or too much for SynTalk. SynTalk believes that all understanding lies on nodes (of nothing and everything); and it therefore brings together concepts, ideas and impulses from different epistemological categories under one topic in one episode. Their goal is to contribute and promote original interdisciplinary collaboration & research inside, outside, and across academic institutions, companies, think tanks, independent intellectuals, students, hobbyists, connoisseurs, and common folk. In the long run, SynTalk aspires to become a global platform for fence-less thinking. 
Find SynTalk at:, and about our SynTalkr approach at You may ​also ​listen to SynTalk episodes on ​SoundCloud or our website​​. You may also follow them on their daily updated @SynTalk Twitter channel to familiarize yourself with the SynTalk philosophy & values.

‘The Act of Madness’, July 04, 2015, Mumbai.

SynTalk has made the audio episode (and the description) available online at the links below (it is free and easy to listen to; you may also share this link with friends):

SynTalk will also make this episode available via other online platforms in the near term.

The SynTalkers, for this Episode, Dr. Alok Sarin, Prof. Parthasarthy Mondal and Dr. Bhargavi Davar were invited by SynTalk (Mumbai, India) as a SynTalkr for #TAOM (The Act Of Madness), July 04, 2015.

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