Slogan March on “Let peace be the way to Mental health”

The photographs say it all. The Seher team, comprising, Pratik Kamble, Reshma, Nisreen Shaikh, Naziya Shaikh, Ratana Baygari, Almas Momin, Eknath Tongire, Dharma Padalkar, Bhagyashri Kulkarni, Kirti Jadhav, Kavita Nair,  and Bhargavi Davar, supported by Bhagyalaxmi Teli, Kimberly Lacroix, Niharica Shah, Sannuthi Suresh and Ritika Gupta (TISS-BALM interns),  raised slogans on Peace as a way to community development wellbeing and mental health. Some key messages included,

= Peace is important not only for people, but for the planet.

= When thoughts roam endlessly, apply the brake!!

= Give up violence. Adopt the path of peace.

= Anger, fear, sadness and other emotions rock the boat. Hold steady on the path of peace.

= Peace is in you. Just experience it.

= For mental wellbeing, cultivating peace is important.


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