Our People

Retreat at Suryashibir: Bapu Trust staff

1. Our staff: Our staff are our  community. We have encouraged our staff through various structured activities to internalise our values on peace, life style, professionalism and well being.

2. Our advisors: All our research projects are reviewed by peers and advisors. Our service programs rope in a variety of expertise including trainers, advisors, and consultants. This has helped us to bring expertise from Pune and elsewhere, into our work. It has also led to improvements in the quality of our work.

3. Library users: Our library is caters to the information needs of a wide cross section of people, including law students, psychology students, human rights students, teachers from various disciples, mental health professionals, counselors, NGO activists, researchers and lawyers. Various international scholars regularly visit us, as our library stocks information relating to India.

4. Clients: Seher clients include both community based clients as well as center based clients. Our community program, located in Kashewadi and Lohiyanagar bastis, caters to a population of around 50000 people.

5. Our readers: Our website reaches out to the community and is accessed regularly by an interested public. Our newsletter and publications, written for the lay reader as well as the specialist, reaches out to a variety of groups and constituencies. We regularly publish in academic journals and in social science academia.

7. Networks: We have done various events in schools and colleges to reach our message of well being to the young people of Pune city. In Maharashtra and in India, we are networked with a wide range of cross disability, mental health, and development NGOs and grassroots organisations. We are now a part of both regional as well as international networks on human rights in disability and mental health. (Jan Manasik Arogya Abhiyan; NAAJMI; Disability Rights Group; National Disability Network; Mind Freedom International; Integrative Psychiatry and Alternative Mental Health; World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry; Etc.)

8. Trainings: We have offered training modules on “Gender”, “Advocacy”, “Inclusion”, “Strategising for litigation”, “CRPD for the grassroots”, “Psychosocial interventions” and other need based trainings on leadership building in mental health, cross disability, development, human rights and community based psychosocial services.

9. Partner organizations: We continue to invite international and national collaborations on our research activities and service development. We have done collaborative work with various credible organizations, including Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; the Sangath Center, Goa; NALSAR; HRLN, Delhi; University College of London; etc.

10. Donors: We have partnered with domestic and international agencies such as the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Action Aid International, Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Sir Navajbhai Tata Trust, the Indian Council for Social Science Research, Mac Arthur Foundation, International Disability Alliance and the British Academy Small Grant.

11. Government Departments: Local authorities in Maharashtra (Beggars Home; Family court system) from various departments have also a part of the Bapu community.

12. Community: Our various programs on alternative mental health; film festivals and exhibitions, community theatre, our presentations in exhibitions, etc. also have an outreach towards the general public.

13. Media: Our work is regularly featured in various newspapers, particularly on policy, legal and human rights matters.

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